Happy Feet at Home
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Client Testimonials
"I just had my first visit from Michelle of Happy Feet At Home and I know it will be the first of many visits! It was great! My feet need diligent care due to my Type II diabetes but I am not so flexible these days due to bi-lateral knee replacement surgery and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

It was hard for me to take proper care of my own feet so I was excited to try this convenient service. It was comfortable having the work done in my own home and Michelle put me right at ease as she explained the procedures involved in holistic foot maintenance. Michelle is compassionate, friendly, patient and gentle and took care of all the different aspects of good foot care so I no longer have to worry over it. I felt like I was being pampered instead of doctored!"

~ Terrie T,  Little Chute, WI ~

"I am 91 and my wife is 89. We found out that Happy Feet at Home will come right to our home, and the care has been excellent! I'm really thankful that she also gives us a discounted rate because we both have our toenails trimmed on the same day. Thank you so much Nurse Michelle and Happy Feet at Home!"

~ Bill and Bettie P,  DePere, WI ~

"I have had problems with diabetes and taking care of my feet for many years. it's really hard to get the medi-van and go somewhere to have my nails cut and my feet checked. Having a nurse come right to my apartment was so great!
Michelle is a very skilled nurse, with a huge smile and a lot of patience. She answered all my questions and helped me figure out what kind of shoes to wear, so that my feet don't keep getting corns in the same place. 
I love the oils she has to choose from for the foot soak, and I picked out the peppermint to try to get some more energy. Boy, did I ever have energy after Michelle was done with my feet, because they felt so good! I can't wait to see her next month, and every month from now on. 
Thanks so much Happy Feet and Michelle the Nurse!"

~ Brenda J,  Appleton, WI ~

"Happy Feet at Home has taken care of my feet for 2 years now, and the nurse has taken care of me at home, then in an assisted living, then back home, and now in the nursing home, where I will be for good. She's been so flexible with my changing needs, and I can't even imagine that I could still walk if she wasn't taking care of my feet. 

~ Dave R,  Oshkosh, WI ~